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Why Therapy?

Imagine… sitting in a room, feeling able to speak freely, openly, honestly for 50 minutes without being interrupted, without judgement, whilst being held in positive regard, with your wellbeing at the forefront of your listener’s mind...

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As a counsellor, that is what I give to my clients. It is an experience and a relationship that is unique and when the right relationship is formed, can be extremely special.

Deciding to start therapy can sometimes feel like a big step. Historically there was an inordinate amount of negative stigma attached to counselling, therapy and mental health in general and any concern regarding someones mental wellness was to be kept private. Thankfully, the stigma has significantly reduced thanks to public figures speaking more openly, young people being better educated and more studies and understanding of the holistic view of a person, mental wellness as a term is becoming more commonplace and greater value is being placed on our minds. Alongside that, seeking therapy is becoming more and more commonplace in the UK. That being said, being kind and responsive to a friend who has shared that they are having therapy and taking the step yourself can feel very different. Sometimes just the step of acknowledging that we need a little help can be the first step in feeling better, many of us feel the need to fix the problem alone, to ‘get through it,’ to be strong. Accessing therapy doesn’t stop you doing any of those things.

So what does therapy do?

A counsellors job is to walk alongside you on your journey, they should not give advice or tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. They will listen to you and reflect back your life, your path and journey and help you to focus and understand what patterns are being repeated through your life. Sometimes we want to understand why we behave the way we do, or what the root cause of a problem is, and a counsellor can help your find that by exploring past behaviours. Understanding where our behaviours stem from can help us to come to terms with them, spot the repeating patterns and make different choices next time. Sometimes the most valuable thing a counsellor can offer is a space where someone is heard, in a world of well meaning friends and family who are seeking to resolve our problems for us, they are the person who helps and supports you to find your way through.

So when I say that you can still do those things; be strong, fix your own problems, get through it... I really mean it. A counsellor will not fix your problems for you but they will support you finding your own answers and that can be really powerful.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then do get in touch through the contact form.

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